Marble Map Pinboard

I recently decided to start redecorating my room by adding and changing some bits and pieces and I will take you to this journey with mee. So many more DIY home decor posts will follow!!!  

What you will need:

Picture frame in the colour of your preference,  (I painted mine white but gold would be super nice too) 73x53cm
Paint or paint spray if you want to change your frame colour
A cork surface (Important: It has to be as thick as your frames glass!)
Marble effect sticker
Cutter, as fine as you can find!!
Printed map to fit your frame!
Cute pins (mine are flag shaped and I painted them gold)
Extras: Fairy lights

Lets Start!

Step one: Open your frame from the back and remove the glass. Take the glass and put it on the cork surface and cut around so that they have the same size. 
Step two: Cut the printed map and put it on top of the cork surface and trace it with a black pen.
Step three: Ok, now is the hard part and the one that takes the most time.. Take the cutter and cut around the map. Be careful, remove the "land" area!! Challenging, but it CAN happen!
After you finish with that, the rest is easy peasy!!
Step four: Take you marble effect sticker and stick it in a paper board, most frames come with one inside so you can use that one.
Step five: Stick together the paper board and your cork surface and voilaaa, your wold is now marble.
Step six: If you want to change your frame colour, now is the timee.. 
Step seven: Put you cork with paper board surface in the frame and close it. Hammer two nails on the wall and hang!! That was ittt!!
Extra: I added some fairy lights around just to make it more pretty.

Now you can pin all of your favorite photos and important memos..

The first thing I decided to pin in my new marble map pinboard is photoooos of some of my favorite moments!! Of course in time it's going to be full with many more pictures, memos, magazine articles to read, and many, maaaany more stuff.. Hehe...

And it will look like my old one here.

Enjoy your new marble map pinboard!!

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